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Choose Eco-Friendly Flowers – Here’s How

Although flowers grow right out of the ground, some of them are more eco-friendly than others. If you plan to celebrate Earth Day or another special occasion with flowers or a floral delivery, our florists at Moravian on Staten Island recommend choosing a flower shop that practices sustainable floristry. We do our best to make sure each of our floral deliveries has a minimal impact on the environment while continuing to deliver radiant floral designs.

Single Crocus in Grass

What Are Eco-Friendly Flowers?

You’re probably familiar with sustainable foods and energy sources, but did you know that there are also sustainable florists? That’s right. Some flowers and florists are more eco-friendly than others. Sustainable flowers are those that are grown naturally with minimal need for additional energy (used to power artificial light sources), safe fertilizers, and additional Earth-friendly growing practices.

What to Look for in a Sustainable Florist

Sustainable florists, of course, source their flowers from eco-friendly growers. They also strive to source their blooms from reputable, local growers because this drastically cuts down on the impact of shipping.

In addition to responsibly sourcing flowers, sustainable floristry practices also include using recyclable materials whenever possible. For example, an eco-friendly florist will wrap flowers in paper instead of plastic and also does their best to avoid using florist’s foam.

Flowers in a Greenhouse

Sustainable florists also encourage clients – especially high-volume commercial clients – to reuse vases. At Moravian, we’re always happy to refill vases or other containers for all our clients, and we encourage our customers to turn their flower vases back in after a large event, such as a wedding.

We do our best to put every bloom to use by donating unused flowers to hospitals and nursing homes and composting any leftover plant materials. We also take special care to coordinate each of our delivery routes to minimize emissions.

Field of Pink and Purple Flowers

How to Reduce the Environmental Footprint of Your Floral Delivery

In addition to choosing a sustainable florist for your flower deliveries and events, there are a few things you can do to make your flowers even more eco-friendly.

Give Flowers a Second Life

You can give your flowers a second life by preserving their beauty. Either press or hang your flowers to dry. Then display them in your home to be enjoyed for years to come. If you choose not to dry your flowers, you can put them to good use in a compost bin. Use them to fertilize your own garden or donate them to a nearby community garden for composting.

Choose a Local, Eco-Friendly Florist

Yes, selecting a sustainable florist will make a difference, but choosing a local eco-friendly florist is even better! Not only will your floral delivery invigorate the local economy, but you’ll also reduce the total emissions involved with the shipping of your delivery. When clients use nation-wide flower delivery services, their flowers have to be shipped further and they also won’t necessarily be sustainably grown.

Growing Buds

To learn more about sustainable floristry and the steps Moravian has taken to deliver eco-friendly bouquets, we welcome you to contact us or stop by our flower shop today.