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The Understated Elegance of Pastel Flowers

The calming and soft shades of spring’s pastel blossoms are here. With colors of pink, lavender, baby blues, and pale peaches, here at Moravian Florist, Staten Island’s top florist and flower delivery, we like producing floral arrangements with the lovely pastel colors of early spring.

Pastels express emotions in a more muted and intimate manner, and they have an alluring and understated elegance about them, too. They’re popular in weddings and becoming more popular for sending to loved ones. Brighten someone’s day by sending glorious pastels… the soothing colors, calmness, and serenity they provide will be much appreciated.

Our Favorite Pastel-Colored Flowers


Pink Rose

The delicate softness and lovely pale pink color of this flower exude elegance, femininity, and sweetness. It’s a flower that can be cherished all year long.

Pink Carnation

Carnations are available in almost every color, and the pastel-colored ones are ideal for announcing early spring. In general, the carnation represents fascination and love with specific colors carrying their personal meaning. The pink carnation is a sign of gratitude and thanks.

Lavender Mums

Chrysanthemums have a range of meanings in cultures that are different. A flower which is indigenous to China, chrysanthemums are highly regarded as well as take a number of meanings. New life and reincarnation is a sign of mums in China, and that tends to make it the best floral to exhibit in early spring. The lavender mum, particularly, is connected with longevity and also the imperial household.


Hydrangeas are recognized for their complete, rounded blooms composed of countless flowers. They’re known to symbolize prosperity and abundance and are available in an assortment of soft-hued colors like green, lavender, blue, and pink.


Lilacs are beautiful stalked blooms which are available in an assortment of colors, with lavender being it is most popular. With a diverse selection of contacts throughout various cultures and history, Lilacs are usually associated with the Easter holiday. Traditionally, love is symbolized by the lilac as well as the joyfulness of youth.

Bells of Ireland

A unique-shaped and beautiful floral, the Bells of Ireland has enlarged calyxes within the form of a bell. In fact an indigenous plant to Turkey, rather than Ireland, its title derives from the form and color which is like a great luck charm in Ireland. The Bells of Ireland symbolize good luck and prosperity. It is a favorite flower in weddings and various other special activities like Easter and Saint Patrick’s Day.

This fun pastel design of pink roses, purple stock and green hydrangeas in a glass cylinder vase is the perfect gift for spring! Put a smile on someone's face with this cheerful choice.

Smiles For You

This fun pastel design of pink roses, purple stock, and green hydrangeas in a glass cylinder vase is the perfect gift for spring! Put a smile on someone’s face with this cheerful choice.

Pastel florals are ideal for Easter gatherings, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or simply because. The fantastic thing about pastels is the fact that they will not clash with anyone’s decoration. They’re soft-hued beauties that whisper rather than shout and perfectly complement any room.

For more wonderful arrangements of pastel-colored flowers or other springtime blossoms, peruse our online catalog now.