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Fresh Flowers and Plants to Signify Hospitality, Friendship, and Warm Welcomes

When attending an event whether you’re hosting or attending having a housewarming plant will always brighten the mood. Whether you’re welcoming a new friend to your home or helping a new neighbor get acquainted with the area, gifting symbolic flowers and plants to symbolize hospitality and friendship can be a great way to welcome them. From beautiful blooms to vibrant and unique greens these botanicals all have symbolic meanings to help share how you feel with plants. We’ve got some ideas for uplifting and inspiring plants to symbolize warmth and welcome here at Moravian flowers.

Welcome Them with Botanicals


Like many plants eucalyptus is both a trendy home arrangement as well as a welcoming and inviting visage for guests who want to stay. However, you may not know that the plant is also known for symbolizing strength, protection and abudance, making it a great gift for new neighbors.


After a stressful day at work or moving, one of the most satisfying sights you can see is the Lavender plant. It stands tall and majestic as a purple/blue statement of tranquiity, purity and serenity. Lavender’s peaceful appearance makes it a great housewarming gift and can ease the mind of any who live with one.

Money Tree

Money Trees are believed to bring prosperity, luck and good fortune to those that have them. However, in addition to their symbolic values they also purify the air and energy around them. Whether they’re for your home or a gift for anothers.

Bonsai Tree

One of the most regal and renowned plants is the Bonsai Tree, known for its welcoming appearance the Bonsai is a symbol of luck. They are shaped into little works of art like a living sculpture and beautifully fit into any home.


Anthurium is one of the lesser known house plants on this list. Hailing from the tropics it has come to symbolize a willingness to greet friends and neighbors and be accepting into your circle whether it be your community or your home.


Tulips are a staple of springtime florals and as a result they symbolize the rebirth that springtime brings and can parallel the new beginnings that a new neighbor may be experienceing making them an excellent housewarming gift. Beyond their springtime appearance they also hold unique symbolism with each petal color. For instance yellow tuplips are representative of friendship, prosperity, good luck and cheerfulness.


Crysanthemums come in many colors and sizes and like tulips each of these hues holds a unique meaning, ranging from happiness, celebration, and high spirits when yellow to good health and good fortune as well as new beginnings when green. However, regardless of their color chrysanthemums are always representative of friendship, joy and optimism. Find a color that expresses you!


Instead of a flower Wisteria is a beautiful vine, with fragrant blooms that symbolize welcome adn receptiveness. As a vine wisteria makes a wonderful addition to any yard or garden and can be gifted in a pot of soil to allow the recipient to display it show their community how welcoming they are.

Preparing for a visitor or welcoming a new neighbor can involve tidying the house, inviting them over and welcoming them to the area. However, no welcome is complete until you have a housewarming plant to brighten the experience. Whether it’s for your home or a friend or neighbors houseplants when chosen with are can carry great impact and intent with them as we can see in the many symbolic meanings of these stunning plants. Visit Moravians today and find a housewarming plant that convey’s the perfect sentiment.