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Posted by moravianflorist on April 9, 2015 Prom Flowers

The Perfect Prom Flowers

Prom flowersIt is almost that time of year when high school couples everywhere begin to eagerly anticipate the prom. From searching for dresses to finding friends to split a limo, this formal school dance is a right of passage for teenagers across the country.

When a date comes to pick up a girl for the dance, it has become traditional for him to present her with a small bouquet of flowers for the wrist, known as a corsage, while he receives pinnable flowers called a boutonniere. Many of those people participating in the tradition of exchanging prom flowers, however, do not know how it came to be.

The history of the corsage and boutonniere

It was traditional centuries ago for dates to give their loved ones a few flowers when they went on dates. This evolved from the belief that these small groupings of flowers could help ward off evil spirits and protect the recipient.

Around the 20th century, it became increasingly common for dates to show respect for the woman’s parents by giving them a small arrangement of flowers. He would then select a flower or two for the woman to attach to her dress.

As thin and spaghetti strapped dresses, as well as sleeveless dresses, have become increasingly popular, the idea of attaching the flowers to the dress bodice became impractical. The flowers then started to be worn around the wrist.

For men, wearing flowers pinned to the jacket became popular in the early 19th century. These flowers were thought to help keep disease and bad smells away. The idea of men wearing flowers in general, however, may even date back to ancient times when wearing certain flowers was a way to support players in sporting events.

Today there are a number of different types of corsages and boutonnieres, using different flowers and colors in the piece. At Moravian Florist, we enjoy helping customers find the right corsage to give to their dates.

A white rose corsage

Roses are traditionally formal flowers that are an excellent choice for a corsage. White roses, in particular, have a stunning color and will look fantastic with nearly any dress. This will make it easy for dates to select a flower to match without worrying about seeing the gown for the night.

Prom flowers

White Sweetheart Wristlet

A pink rose boutonniere

Ideally the man’s boutonniere should match the color of the woman’s dress. This boutonniere is a good example of a class boutonniere that will look fantastic with a pale prom gown worn by the date.

Prom flowers

Pink Rose Boutonniere

Selecting the right corsage and boutonniere for the prom can feel intimidating for those who do not feel confident with flowers. Learn about the history of these wearable flowers and trust the experts at Moravian Florist to help find the perfect option.