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The Best Valentine’s Day Surprises for Your Best Friends

As kids, Valentine’s Day meant passing out small colorful cards with popular cartoon characters on them to our teachers, schoolmates, and perhaps your secret childhood crush. With each passing year, Valentine’s Day evolved into an ultra-romantic holiday for people in relationships to look forward to chocolates, date nights, and, of course, a dozen red roses. When we were children, “love” extended to more than girlfriends, boyfriends, and significant others, but included our cherished friendships. This Valentine’s Day, reminisce on the excitement and happiness that came from handing sweet surprises to your gal pals, guy friends, BFF, and even your neighbor. Then, read the best Valentine’s Day gift guide for your friends, thoughtfully put together by the experts here at Moravian Florist, the top flower shop in Staten Island.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Since red roses are a classic symbol of passion, romance, and love, look towards yellow roses to signify joy and friendship. Additionally, hydrangeas, sunflowers, orchids, and alstroemeria are sure to warm your bestie’s heart this Valentine’s Day with sentiments of unity, loyalty, support, admiration, friendship, and family.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

A colorful and vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers will be well received by any gal. Whether you’re commemorating a romantic Valentine’s Day evening with your woman or a lighthearted Galentine’s Day with the girls, bringing along bright blooms will create the ideal ambiance. Red, of course, is the color of passionate love and romance. So, to lighten the mood for a girls’ night, select pink for grace and femininity, light blue for serenity if you’re enjoying a spa night, green for harmony, purple for admiration, and of course, yellow for friendship.

Gift Ideas for Men

This Valentine’s Day, shy away from the traditional box of golf balls, subscription service, or tie for your man. Instead, switch it up with something unexpected that they can still admire and enjoy, like flowers! Flowers for guys are becoming a more common gift, especially for Valentine’s Day, and men love seem to love them! If you don’t want to send your man a dozen red roses, opt for something bold with deep hues or blooming plants like birds of paradise, orchids, or peace lilies.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Celebrating friends who are in brand-new committed relationships or are even newlyweds is another different and fun way to observe Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s a day to commemorate love, even if it’s not your own relationship. Send the couple that you look up to a thoughtful and romantic bouquet of blooms, like stargazer lilies or red and white roses. Help them set the mood for a cozy evening at home by pairing their flowers with a delicious bottle of wine or other gifts that go great with Valentine’s Day blooms.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Send your favorite neighbors some love this Valentine’s Day! It is the ideal time to remind your friendly and helpful neighbors that you respect and value their consideration, sweetness, and care, and peach-colored blooms symbolize just that. However, nothing is more meaningful than sending neighbors an amazing arrangement of their favorite flowers or favorite color.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Warm your co-workers’ hearts with energizing and uplifting flowers this Valentine’s Day. Oftentimes, February 14th lands on a day spent at work, being surrounded by our favorite co-workers who are more like friends. Take a hint from grade school and spread love, joy, and happiness this year with fresh flowers. Bringing in a bouquet of lively blooms is sure to enhance the office atmosphere and maybe even enhance productivity. Orange flowers that represent enthusiasm, success, enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for work are the best for gifting to co-workers.

For a heartfelt sentiment, a stylish gift, and something that can be modest or upscale, floral bouquets are the go-to gift for any occasion. This Valentine’s Day, personalize a fresh arrangement from Moravian Florist and “wow” that hard-to-shop-for love in your life.