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Get Ghostly with These Scary Flowers for October

Fall, October, and the Halloween season have officially arrived! Of course, we love all the popular October activities like making caramel apples, watching scary movies, and picking out Halloween costumes, but at Staten Island’s Moravian Florist, our favorite way to celebrate every season is with flowers. This year, we’re celebrating October and Halloween with odd and scary flowers from around the world. Read on, if you dare!

The Top 3 Strangest and Scariest Flowers

Sumatran Corpse Flower - Titan Arum

Titan Arum

Native to the island of Sumatra, titan arum gets its name from the Greek word for giant because it is a massive flower. When fully bloomed, the largest specimens have been measured reaching up to 20 feet high and 16 feet across! This large carrion flower not only boasts major size, but it also emits a major smell. Chemical analyses have found olfactory compounds similar to those emitted by things like Limburger cheese, feces, Chloraseptic, sweaty socks, and rotting fish with a hint of sweetness.

Stinking Corpse Lily

Stinking Corpse Lily

Another Sumatran carrion flower, the stinking corpse lily gets its name from its massive smell, which is often compared to decaying fish. This flower looks like something from an alien world or “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” but it’s quite real. The oddity grows no leaves, roots, or stems. Rather, it grows more similarly to a fungus, than a plant. Parasitic, the stinking corpse lily lives within and feeds off of host vines. This flower’s most impressive trait is its girth. The largest single blooming flower in the world, some specimens have grown to nearly three-and-a-half feet in petal-to-petal diameter!


Hydnora Africana

Looking at this unusual flower, it doesn’t even seem real. In fact, it seems more monster than plant, which is probably why it’s thought to have inspired movie monsters like those in “Tremors” and the plant character from “Little Shop of Horrors.”

This plant, however, is quite real and quite alive. Native to southern Africa, the Hydnora Africana is a subterranean plant that grows almost entirely underground, except for its flowers. The Hydnora Africana feasts on the roots of nearby plants and so has no need for sunlight nor chlorophyll. Its monster-mouth flower emits a strong odor that attracts dung beetles and flies for pollination. When an insect steps on its pink flesh, the flower’s jaw-like petals close, trapping the bug for several days.

Decorate with These Favorite October Flowers Instead

You don’t have to stink up the entire neighborhood by bringing in a rare stinking corpse flower or titan arum (visit the New York Botanical Garden to see one of these), we recommend decorating with crowd-pleasing flowers that are always popular for October and Halloween.

Black Roses

Black Roses

Designed and dyed specially for the season of ghosts and ghouls, black roses make a seasonally macabre, yet elegant statement in all-black arrangements. They’re perfect for a costume dinner party or masquerade and make an impressive statement in a bouquet at a Halloween wedding. For a lighter take on the black floral arrangement, mix in a variety of orange and yellow flowers for a look inspired by a classic jack-o-lantern. You can even embellish arrangements with a festive ribbon and glittery accents like bats or ghosts on floral picks.

Orange Chrysanthemums


For a less foreboding and more welcoming floral vibe, we recommend decorating with a fall favorite, potted chrysanthemums. These flowers bloom abundantly and traditionally symbolize cheerfulness, making them the perfect way to welcome costume party guests or troupes of trick-or-treaters. Mums bloom in nearly every color of the rainbow, so it’s easy to find them in traditional autumn colors like gold, orange, yellow, and burgundy. Placed around your front door or entryway, they’ll create a grand, warm-looking entrance. Just be sure to bring them inside before a frost!

Flowers and Arrangements to Celebrate October and Halloween

Whether you go with bouquets of black roses, cheerful chrysanthemums, or another fall favorite, our flower experts at Moravian Florist can help you. With our flowers, you can create the perfect atmosphere with floral arrangements, bouquets, and accents designed especially for autumn, October, and Halloween. Or, just bring the festive flowers of the season into your home with striking arrangements such as Autumn Dreams and Fall Smiles for You.

Autumn Dreams

Fall Smiles for You

For help selecting the best October flowers, stop by our shop or order online today!