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Posted by moravianflorist on February 22, 2024 | Last Updated: February 25, 2024 Events FLowers Gifts

Five Favorite Ways to Celebrate & Honor International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating in your own unique way. Whether you’re lifting up the fantastic women in your life, making moves in your community, or just taking a moment to reflect, you do you on March 8th! At Moravian Florist, the best flower shop in Staten Island, we know there’s nothing like fresh, vibrant flowers to level up any celebration. Warm, bright, and full of life, spring stems emulate the spirit of IWD — especially when they’ve bloomed in IWD’s colorway of purple, white, and green. So, no matter how you plan to celebrate or honor the day, remember that fresh flowers are perfect for any occasion.

Organize a Fundraiser

If there’s a fire within you burning bright and strong on IWD, throwing a charity bash is where it’s at! Select a cause that resonates with you — whether it’s shattering gender norms, elevating education, or fighting for equality. It’s your time to make a real-world impact and radiate some serious feminine power. Let’s shed some light on women’s issues and ignite conversations about the strides we have yet to take. And hey, don’t forget to add a touch of floral grace to your event space for that extra oomph!

Host a Party

IWD is a beautiful reason to celebrate the amazing achievements of women! Plan a big bash or an intimate gathering, and let the good vibes roll. Bring a celebratory atmosphere to life with IWD flowers and let your guests kick back, dance, enjoy delicious treats, and create unforgettable memories together. Additionally, parties are great opportunities to expand your social circle, forge new friendships, and grow your network to continue smashing through those glass ceilings.

Plan a Meaningful Meal

Round up your girls and head out to an IWD brunch, lunch, or dinner. Dig into some seriously tasty eats, sip on those fabulous cocktails or mocktails, and have heart-to-heart convos that celebrate the bond of friendship and strengthen your sisterhood while you surround yourselves with stunning spring stems. (Because fresh flowers on the table always create the perfect mood!) When selecting the ideal spot to dine, opt for a local gem owned or managed by fantastic women — it’s a move that supports economic opportunities for women and fuels the rise of female-led businesses.

Set Personal Goals

On IWD, set aside some time to reflect, envision your future, and set some goals! Goal setting is like programming your personal GPS, guiding you toward your dreams step-by-step.
So, light some candles, open your fave Lofi playlist, pour a cup of tea, display your sweet, fragrant flowers, get cozy, and open your journal. Whether it’s a solo night in or you invite your partner in crime to get inspired and motivated with you, journaling, reflecting, and goat setting are empowering forms of self-care — just like buying yourself flowers!

Send Flowers

Sending out those flowers on IWD to people who inspire, support, and lift you up is a powerful way to honor the day. From celebrating your own hustle to the epic women in your life and the allies in your corner, these blooms symbolize gratitude, unity, and love. Flowers can say some of the most powerful things when we can’t find the right words. So, turn to the beautiful language of flowers to honor and empower your friends, family members, mentors, and allies.

IWD is your chance to pause, celebrate, and make real moves that count — one stem at a time. Scope out the best spring blooms for IWD at Moravian Florist.

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