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Why Send Roses in June

rosesThe rose is a symbol of love, passion, devotion, sensuality, and ardor. Historically, it was the sacred symbol of the Greek and Roman Goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. It was also the favorite flower of Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen. The flower is connected with Eros (the son of Aphrodite,) with Adonis, and with Cupid.

The rose is also the flower for the month of June. The flower has several meanings, including the intense fulfillment of desires, vitality, and full life.


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Some Historical Background 

Roses originally came from China. The oldest known fossils were found in Colorado. They date back over 35 million years. They mentioned on a Cuneiform tablet that was probably written around 2860 B.C. At the time of the English War of the Roses in the 15th century, English botanists were already growing and hybridizing different species.

After winning the war, the Tudor King Henry VII, decided to cross-breed roses, and his ultimate creation was the Tudor Rose, which is now known as the Rose of England. It is the national flower for both Great Britain and the United States.

Today, the world’s leading exporter is The Netherlands. That country plants roughly 8,000 hectares of roses. The small African nation of Zambia plants them on roughly 80 percent of the country’s cultivatable land. Ecuador, the world’s second largest grower, allocates roughly 50 percent of their cultivated land to growing these flowers, equaling about 5,000 hectares.


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Types of Roses

Most of the cut roses available for sale today are hybrid tea roses. The three classes include species or wild, old garden, and modern.

Species or Wild 

Species roses typically have five petals. Their colorful hips last through winter, providing birds with a food source during a time nature’s food isn’t readily available. They are commonly used in hybridizing, and the most common species or wild rose that is available for sale today is Rosa Rugosa. Species roses are popular for good reasons: they are very hard, resistant to diseases, and easy to maintain.

Old Garden 

Old garden roses aren’t typically found among hybrid tea roses. Nonetheless, this class encompasses a diverse group that is known and loved for their beauty and delightful fragrance. The main drawback of these types of roses is that they’re not well suited to growing in colder climates. They are available in shrub and vine varieties and are disease resistant and easy to grow.


Modern roses are produced by crossbreeding hybrid tea roses with the polyanthus, a type of primrose. Modern roses are less tolerant of cold climates. They also require specialized care. Modern rose is the designation given to roses that were identified any time after 1867.

If you want to send someone roses, but can’t decide on a color, we’ve got a spectacular solution – “Rainbow Roses.” This show-stopping arrangement consists of a dozen flowers, and each is multi-colored. It’s a gift that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your recipient.


Rainbow Roses

Don’t be afraid to show your love of affection to someone. Let Moravian Florist help you find the perfect arrangement of roses to help you share a greeting, or wish someone whose birthday is this month, Happy Birthday.