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Valentine’s Day won’t so different this year since it’s still all about feeling and showing love. Cupid’s arrow can still find you and your honey even while you stay at home. No matter how you celebrate this year, our guide to a memorable day of love covers all the bases, from self-love to sharing the love. Your friends here at Moravian Florist, the best flower shop in Staten Island, know a few things about sweet gestures and romance.

Seven Special At-Home Date Ideas

A bubble bowl holds a mixture carnations, daisies, and alstroemeria in this colorful arrangement.

Send Beautiful Blooms

Surprise deliveries are always lovely gestures welcomed with joy and gratitude. If you like arranging special surprises for loved ones, our “Romantic Blooms,” and other bouquets are ideal for spreading love. Enjoy fresh flowers to brighten anyone’s mood this Valentine’s Day.

Couple cooking dinner together

Cook a Romantic Dinner

Cooking dinner and baking homemade sweets together is a perfect at-home date idea this Valentine’s Day. Your romantic dinner isn’t going away, but more fun has been added to your favorite recipes. Spend a day preparing a gourmet meal with your beau and having fun in the kitchen together. You can even have a glass of wine before you’ve even been seated.

Bathtub with pink flower petals, fruit, candles, and open book

Have a Spa Day

What says “self-love” better than your own at-home spa day? Bask in a calm and quiet home as you enjoy a whole day of “me-time.” Set the tone with your favorite relaxing music, fragrant candles, and essential oils. Enjoy a soothing bath, paint your nails, and put on a clay mask to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic date night with wine, candles, and grapes

Set a Picnic Inside

Wine and dine your honey right from the living room. If you’re not keen on a home-cooked meal, order a favorite dinner from the best local restaurants. Create an ambiance that’s sweet, cozy, and romantic with mood lighting, warm blankets, and comfy pillows. Don’t forget gorgeous flowers for a perfect centerpiece and chocolates for dessert.

Pink arts and craft supplies

Deliver Handmade Gifts

Feel the love as you get creative today and spread joy to others. Let your imagination soar and enjoy an arts and crafts day from home with your love. Make a few homemade gifts for family, friends, or your community.  You’re sure to brighten somebody’s Valentine’s Day with a special loving delivery.

Board game letters and tiles that read "game night."

Play Childhood Board Games

As the games come out, so will the children inside of you and your sweetie. Enjoy a full day of relaxation with each other through carefree innocence and playful entertainment. From “Scrabble” to “Battleship,” or even “Twister,” giggle and laugh together as you did back in the day. Who will be the champion of nostalgic board games this Valentine’s Day?

Couple walking in the snow holding hands

Take a Sweet Stroll

Insist that your phones stay put as you guide your honey by the hand for a romantic stroll. Walk around the streets and admire homes, or venture to a nearby nature area for some peace and quiet. You’ll love the fresh air and maybe catch the marvelous sunset before the stars come out.

The bright side of staying home this year is being able to enjoy all the food, drinks, and sweets you want without being rushed or navigating crowds. Set the mood just right with flowers from Moravian Florist, and you’ll be all set for a perfect Valentine’s Day.