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The Best Choice You’ll Make This Valentine’s Day: Ordering Flowers Early

Ah, romance is in the air. Teddy bears are stuffed onto store shelves and heart-shaped chocolate boxes are waiting to be purchased. Valentine’s Day is almost here. No matter where you choose to make dinner reservations or what you decide to give as a gift, the best choice you’ll make this Valentine’s Day will be remembering to order your sweetheart’s flowers early because, thankfully, our Staten Island florists at Moravian remembered to remind you. 



12 Classic Roses

Why You Should Order Your Flowers in Advance


Take Your Pick

When you order flowers early, you’ll enjoy browsing a much better selection. Millions of bouquets are delivered each year on Valentine’s Day, which means the most popular colors, designs, and flowers sell out fast. If you order early, you’ll have a better chance of actually getting your first choice of bouquets.

Save Money

We offer lower prices to customers who place their orders in January. Ordering early will build up the anticipation of the main event, impression your significant other, and save you some money. We recommend putting the extra cash toward something fancy for your romantic plans.

Romantic Blooms

Romantic Blooms

Avoid the Stress

The last place you want to be on Valentine’s Day is in the middle of a crowded flower shop, trying to find a bouquet for your love. Avoid the stress and prevent forgetting about Valentine’s Day altogether by taking care of everything before the actual day arrives. Then when Valentine’s Day does come, you spend it enjoying the company of your significant other.

Choose Your Delivery Time

Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it are the busiest days of the year for floral delivery drivers, which means our delivery schedule fills up quickly. If you want to be sure your flowers get delivered at a time that works for your recipient, be sure to get your order in early.

When Is the Best Time to Order Valentine’s Day Flowers?

We recommend ordering anytime in January to take advantage of January’s reduced prices. If you need to wait, then it’s best to order one week in advance at the very latest.


A Contemporary cube arrangement, with Cymbidium orchids and roses.

Blushing Orchids and Roses


How to Support the Community and Get a Better Product – Order Your Flowers Local

When you order Valentine’s Day flowers from a local florist instead of a national flower delivery company, you not only keep your money inside our community, but you also have better control over your order. You can expect to receive a high-quality, fresh product without any surprise changes in design or unexpected fees. We stand by every bouquet that leaves our shop and do our best to turn every customer into a repeat customer. So, the quality of your bouquet is just as important to us as it is to you!

More Advice for Ordering a Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Due to the high volume of orders that come in around this time of year, we recommend clients provide us with a second choice in bouquet color preference, just in case the flowers in your first color choice do not arrive in an attractive state. We’d prefer to use fresh and beautiful blooms in a bouquet, instead of sacrificing quality for color.

Whether you order online, over the phone, or in our flower shop, our florists at Moravian are always here to answer your questions and help you select the perfect bouquet for celebrating Valentine’s Day.