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Keep Mums Healthy and Happy All Season Long

Sending and receiving chrysanthemums in the fall is a special treat. Not only do these blooms represent the beauty of autumn, but they can also bring an uplifting joy to your home or the homes of friends and loved ones during this cloudy, cooler season. With their showy pops of color and fresh, symmetrical designs, mums make fantastic additions to your fall decor in and around your home in Orange County. When cared for properly, they’ll last all season long, delivering cheerful color and fall texture to complete your fall look. The floral experts at Moravian Florist are happy to introduce you to a few of our favorite varieties of mums and show you the best ways to care for them.

Chrysanthemums come in a great variety of shapes, colors, and textures and we love using them as accent flowers or featured flowers. Here are some unusual types of mums you can use to liven up your decoration or fall garden, how we used them in our Touch of Fall and Autumn Expression bouquets.

Orange and Yellow Daisy Mums

Anemone Mum

Viking Mums

Incurve Mums

Spider Mum

Red Rover

Yellow Pompons

Thistle Mum

Colorful Daisy Mums

Touch of Fall

Autumn Expressions

Caring for Mums

If someone sends you a special bouquet of mums, or you choose to add a few of your own to your home’s fall decor, there are a few things to know about caring for them to make them last. First, be sure your mums are placed in cool, dry space with plenty of natural light. Mums love sunlight and water, so refill their water to the same level each day, and be sure to change it when it gets cloudy. Keep your chrysanthemums far away from heat sources like electrical appliances or heating vents. Following these easy steps regularly will keep your mums bright and colorful for as long as possible. Bring the beautiful colors of fall into your home or send to someone special and maintain their beauty all season long.

Mums bring color and life into any environment for the fall season. Their bright, colorful blooms emulate the colors of fall while their multitude of varieties keep your decor eclectic and unique. Bring your favorite mums into your decorating scheme throughout the fall months for fresh, updated look and keep them healthy all season long. Talk to the floral designers at Moravian Florist for help choosing the perfect design, or to learn more about how to care for your chrysanthemums throughout the fall season.