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Posted by moravianflorist on July 7, 2015 FLowers Summer

How to Use Outdoor Plants to Spruce up Your Patio

outdoor plantsSummer weather can be hard to predict. When it is warm and sunny outside, everyone prefers to enjoy the great weather. Adding some potted plants to your patio or deck is an excellent way to transform a dull space into an area that’s elegant enough for a party. We’re proud to have a team of creative designers here at Moravian Florist. They are masters at coming up with outstanding green and flowering plant combinations that are equally suited to growing indoors as they are to decorating your outdoor space when you entertain guests there all summer long.

Small container gardens are ideal for outdoor coffee tables, end tables, console tables, or dining tables. They are also easy to move around and bring back inside when the weather gets bad.


Orchids are such delicate and elegant flowering plants. They are also the epitome of tropical exoticism. A container-grown orchid is the perfect accent for an outdoor area. The added benefit is the joy you get from seeing it inside when you take it in at the end of summer or when the weather is bad. A Phalaenopsis orchid is arguably the easiest type of orchid to maintain. These dainty looking plants put out a spectacular show when many flowers bloom on a single stem at the same time.

outdoor plants

Use a Container Garden as a Centerpiece – Instead of Flowers

If you entertain guests on a deck, patio, or balcony, consider sprucing up the tables with something other than flowers. Container gardens are a fun way to create interest on coffee tables, side or end tables, and dining tables in an outdoor entertaining area. When you use plants that are equally well suited to indoor growing, you get to enjoy them throughout the year.

Our Butterfly Garden is a combination of green plants that showcase different variations in leaf textures and colors. Dieffenbachia is an easy to grow plant that tolerates most conditions. The leaves are variegated and have a mixture of green and cream colors that change according to the amount of light the plant has in its growing environment.

outdoor plants

Spathiphyllum is commonly known as Peace Lily. This easy-to-grow plant is characterized by dark green leaves and a leaf stalk from which flowers eventually emerge. The flower is surrounded by a white spathe that is easily mistaken for the flower. Peace Lilies are related to aroids, so they share some common traits with Anthurium and Elephant Ears (the variety that belong to the Alocasia genus.)

We also include a Maranta plant, which is commonly known as the prayer plant because the leaves close at night to create the illusion of clasped hands in prayer.

We perk this arrangement up with a decorative butterfly and add color in the form of some brightly colored cut flowers for accent.