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Gift Ideas to Send Your Long-Distance Love

It’s important to maintain intimacy when you’re in a long-distance relationship (LDR) and sometimes texting and face-timing just don’t cut it. Small gifts given throughout the relationship are instrumental in keeping the bond strong, as well as letting the other person know how much you care about them. Here at Moravian Florist, Staten Island’s best flower shop, we know a thing or two about romance and relationships. Long-distance relationships require a certain type of gift from the heart, and we list some of our favorite ones below.

Heartfelt Gifts Your Long-Distance Amour Will Love

Touch Bracelets white and black

Touch Bracelet

These cool gadgets are a pair of bracelets where one will vibrate and light up in different colors whenever the other bracelet is touched. No matter where in the world your partner is, when you touch your bracelet, he will feel it from his bracelet. These are a thoughtful and simple way to stay close and let your loved one know you think of them often.

A beautiful assortment of different color roses tucked into a gem studded vase and with added gem stones


The actual symbol of love and romance, roses are hard to beat when you want to send a romantic gift from the heart. These gorgeous, elegant, and sweetly fragrant blooms come in a variety of colors. Red, of course, is the symbol of passion, love, and desire but the other colors are just as amazing. For example, our Treasured Memories bouquet is a strikingly modern take on the typical rose bouquet. Red, pink, peach, and lavender roses grouped together will make anyone swoon in romantic delight!

Plush Doggo

Who doesn’t love a soft, squishy, huggable plush animal? These cute critters are so warm and fuzzy, your partner will keep it around them to snuggle and sleep with at all times — thinking of you every time they hold it.

Peace Lily Plant

Photo Book

Create your own hard-cover photo book of you and your sweetheart’s most special moments together. Sites like Shutterfly make it easy to upload your photos, arrange, edit, add text, and other graphics to capture your memories in an easily accessible book. These are great for documenting special trips you and your honey boo take, also. A keepsake that you will treasure forever, photo books are a wonderfully thoughtful gift that reinforces your bond of togetherness.

Cooridates Bracelets - Image from Amazon

Personalized Jewelry

From bracelets with your and your sweetheart’s coordinates to thumbprint rings, or necklaces that spell out “I am always with you” in morse code, personalized jewelry is a great way to stay close to someone no matter how far away you may be from them. A simple search for “secret message” or “personalized” jewelry will point you to a large number of reputable sites to order from.

tan and white stuffed dog


Send a living plant to your other half and they’ll think of you and your relationship as they water it, nurture it, and keep it healthy and growing. A plant can be seen as the perfect metaphor for your long-distance relationship as it needs special care to thrive. Plants are great for other reasons, too, such as the air-purifying, mood-boosting, and uplifting benefits they bring into any household. Plus, with proper care, a plant can last a long-time remaining a wonderful symbol of the love shared between you and your love. A great easy-to-care-for plant to start off with is a Peace Lily.

Remember, long-distance relationships take a little more effort to survive, but the chances for a happy ending together is high if you’ve found the right person. Keep the love going strong with romantic gifts that are from the heart and something your partner will like. If nothing else, you can never go wrong with sending flowers every month – even something as sweet as simple as Delightful Gerbera Daisies.

Beautiful fresh flowers are considered one of the most romantic and lovely gifts to ever be given. Forge a close relationship with your local florist for some of the freshest, high-quality seasonal flowers around.