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Posted by moravianflorist on February 16, 2019 FLowers Gifts

Floral Trends With Mythical Tones

The new 2019 Floral Trends Forecast has been predicted and the floral designers at Moravian Florist can’t wait to introduce you to the newest looks on the fashion scene this year! Take a look at Ethereal Bliss, a floral trend with mythical tones, inspired by places beyond this world. Entice your senses with gender-neutral pinks, sage and lavender, complemented by strong natural materials like leather, marble, copper, wood grain and bronze in deep brown base tones. This fanciful design will whisk you away to a dream-like state of soul-satisfying color and texture. Bringing a warm elegance without the weight to modern style, this look features soft, comforting materials without the weight. Look for chenille, crushed velvet, polished shimmering finishes like mother-of-pearl and time-worn antiques that are back in vogue. Garden flowers like roses, dahlias and astilbe will complement these styles beautifully.

A pretty gift that boasts spring colors and garden freshness, our Welcome Spring design couldn’t be more perfect! A cute bubble bowl contains bright and cheery white daisies, pink carnations, and purple alstroemeria for a joyful statement.

Bubble bowl filled with white daisies, pink carnations and purple alstroemeira.

Give way to your dreamy side with a gorgeous bouquet of Ethereal Bliss. Communicate your soul’s deepest longings with this soft color palette and strong textural undertones. Let the designers at Moravian Florist introduce you to the mythical and intuitive essence of Ethereal Bliss this season.