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Five Seasonal Moments to Add Holiday Magic Through a Floral Design Class

The holiday season is a time to bring out the decorations, enjoy cozy nights at home with festive films, and celebrate traditions with family and friends. This year, your friends at Moravian Florist, the best flower shop in Staten Island, are challenging you to get a little creative this year. Whether you’re wanting to escape the hustle and bustle, looking for a fun family holiday activity, or searching for a unique experience gift, floral design classes and workshops are the perfect way to enhance the joy and cheer of the season. Here are the top five holiday moments where a flower workshop is the most wonderful fit.

After the Thanksgiving Feast

When the turkey and stuffing are all gone and the Thanksgiving feast is winding down, consider a new way to continue the celebration through the weekend. Kick off the holiday season with a fun floral design class that offers a unique and fun alternative to Black Friday crowds. Create your own floral masterpiece while sharing laughter and stories with loved ones, and end the long weekend by displaying a fresh arrangement in your home that’s a feast for the eyes.

Before the Family Comes Over for Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is a holiday staple, and whether you’re hosting or arriving as a guest, a seasonal centerpiece is a must-have. To take a breather from the Christmas chaos and get your centerpiece in order, enroll in a floral design class. Your final masterpiece is sure to be a conversation starter no matter if it adorns your own holiday table or acts as a sensational host gift.

When You’re Ready for a New Kwanzaa Tradition

Gift your family a new Kwanzaa tradition by signing everybody up for a floral design class that speaks to the holiday’s core values: unity, purpose, and creativity. Craft stunning displays for your kinara using Kwanzaa’s signature colors of green, black, and red. Complement your creations with traditional fruits and veggies like corn and apples. Whether you’re stringing garlands for the mantel, designing buffet table centerpieces, or placing welcoming arrangements by the front door, it’s a team effort that adds a personal touch to the celebration.

When Your Friends Want to Celebrate Together

If this year is your turn to host the annual holiday bash, level up the experience by adding a floral design workshop into the mix. Whether it’s a corporate holiday get-together or a cozy evening with friends, this is one experience that promises chatter, laughter, and compliments galore. Have a local florist guide you through the process of designing winter bouquets for your home or plant terrariums and succulent gardens for your office desk. In between sips of mulled wine and bites of sugar cookies, your guests will strengthen their friendships with one another and embrace the holiday spirit.

When You’re Out of Gift Ideas for Mom

For the mom who has everything, a floral design class is a brilliant gift this holiday season. She is sure to enjoy this unique experience during the lull between Christmas and New Year’s, giving her the chance to flex her creative muscles and find her center after the holiday hustle and bustle. As she is surrounded by the best that Mother Nature has to offer this time of year, she can sip her favorite prosecco or a chic mocktail. To make it a memorable event she’ll treasure forever, invite her loved ones to join the fun.

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