Special Programs

At Moravian Florist, we take pride in offering a bouquet of programs designed to bring more petals to the people! Beyond our blooming rewards system, which thanks our regulars with points, we've cultivated a diverse array of initiatives for the Greater Staten Island area. From our robust rewards program to a variety of perks unique to you, we would be delighted to serve you.

Petal Rewards

For every dollar spent, you'll receive one reward point - you can even donate your points to the charity of your choice

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Helping Hands

Moravian Florist is proud to offer a unique fundraising program to benefit local schools, churches and non-profit organizations

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Gift Cards

There are two fast and convenient ways to check your Moravian Florist gift card balance

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Lucky Stems®

Attached to each delivered item is a Lucky Stems® card with a code printed on it - this could be your chance to win!

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Win a Dozen Roses

Win big prizes in our ongoing contest. It's just one way to show our thanks for your continued loyalty!

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Each program is rooted in our commitment to community, sustainability, and the sheer joy of flowers - whether you're earning rewards or just here to indulge in the natural beauty of our handpicked selections.