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Uplift the Spirits of Someone in the Hospital with a Plant

When recovering in a hospital, there is often little to look at aside from four boring, white walls. Adding a simple splash of color with a plant or flower can do wonders to light up the room. At Moravian Flowers of Staten Island, NY, we want to help you find the perfect plant.

Interestingly, researchers have even found that plants in hospital rooms can help shorten the stays and improve the experience for patients. The key lies in understanding what types of plants work best for your loved ones. At Moravian Florist, we want to help you find the perfect gift to send the right message. Here is what you should know.

Flowering plants that fit well in a hospital room

With flowering plants, you do want to be conscientious of not selecting options that have too much scent or pollen, as this can become overwhelming in a confined hospital room.

Over the years, we have found that azaleas and peace lilies work well. We also offer many arrangements that incorporate sunflowers, as their bright, bold colors can really light up a room.

Dish Garden

Green plants that fit well in a hospital room

When buying a green plant, you want to think carefully about the amount of work the plant will require. Plants that are low maintenance and do not require too much sun generally work best. We offer a delightful Dish Garden that will meet these needs perfectly. One of these mini-gardens will serve your loved one well.

Ordering flowers

To order flowers and plants, you need to first check with the hospital to verify their policies on deliveries. Some might have restrictions on plants or the time of delivery. You also want to verify the patient’s room number and any other relevant information.

When you are ready to give your loved one a plant as a means to say you care, reach out to us at Moravian Florist. We look forward to helping you find the plant that will suit your needs.

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