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Posted by moravianflorist on December 9, 2014 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Hanukkah Holidays

Decorating with Flowers this Chanukah

shutterstock_167364551At sundown on December 16th, the eight day Jewish Festival of Lights known as Chanukah begins. It is a time when families and friends come together to celebrate an important Jewish victory in history. Some 2,100 years ago – or thereabouts, the very powerful Seleucid Army (Syrian-Greek) tried to take away the Holy Land by forcefully Hellenize them. This powerful army had no idea that a small group of Jews would overpower them, chasing them away. The Seleucids had ransacked everything they could, trying to destroy things everywhere.

When the group got to the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, their intent was to light the Menorah. They were horrified to discover that most of the holy oil was contaminated, and the only remaining oil that was acceptably pure for use in the Menorah was just enough to last a day.

It would take eight days to prepare fresh oil in accordance with the Jewish laws of purification. They lit the oil nonetheless. Thanks to nothing short of a miracle, the oil that should only have lasted a day, lasted eight days.

The Menorah

Chanukah, which is often called The Festival of Lights because of that, celebrates this miracle. The eight-day long festival commemorates this important victory, and Jews observe it by lighting a candle starting on the first night, and adding candles for each night until the end of Chanukah at sundown on Christmas Eve.

Decorating With Flowers

zoom_whiteorchidvase272537Just as people associate red and green with Christmas, Chanukah has its own set of colors that are used in floral arrangements and other décor for the home. White, blue and silver feature prominently at Chanukah.

Whether you’re looking for flower arrangements to brighten your own home, or something suitable to take to a Chanukah celebration as a host or hostess gift, you will want to focus on white flowers – or arrangements that have accents of blue, and even silver.

“Winter White Gerbers” are perfect for a coffee table, end table, side table, or even a mantel. Pure white Gerbers in a clear vase are simple, but very festive and elegant.

Welcome guests into your home by placing Calla Lily Simplicity on a foyer or entryway table, a console table, sideboard or other place where a tall flower arrangement will shine.

Dendrobium OrchidVase is the perfect arrangement for a place where you want something subtle, but elegant. Long stems filled with small white flowers arch over a tall vase, bringing a bit of tropical exoticism into your home.