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Posted by moravianflorist on May 19, 2015 | Last Updated: March 3, 2020 Holidays Memorial Day

Celebrate This Memorial Day with Flowers

v2-socialAs Memorial Day approaches, have you taken the time to think about what the holiday really means. In addition to welcoming the fun and freedom of summer, Memorial Day is a chance to say “thank you” to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice – their lives – so we can enjoy this holiday. At Moravian Florist, we have several flowers that will give you the chance to say “thanks.”


The History of Flowers and Memorial Day


Throughout history, placing flowers on the grave of someone you love has been a way to honor the memory of that individual. In fact, this is actually an ancient custom. Memorial Day is just a modern holiday dedicated to the custom.


Memorial Day and the giving of Memorial Day flowers started after the Civil War, when the northern states declared a “Decoration Day” to honor fallen soldiers. The southern states balked at this celebration, choosing to honor their dead at different times. After World War I, the country came together, setting aside a day in May to celebrate all fallen soldiers. In the 1970s, the day was officially set as the last Monday in May.


In addition to adorning graves, flowers are also seen on the lapels of many in the form of poppies. Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae in 1915 wrote a poem that used poppies to honor fallen soldiers, and the YWCA adopted this as their symbol for Memorial Day. Since that time, the National American Legion adopted the symbol, and many can be seen sporting poppies on their coats or shirts on Memorial Day.

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Freedom Bouquet


Giving the Gift of Flowers


When you are remembering fallen heroes, there’s another type of hero that deserves honor, and that is the family left behind when a soldier dies. This Memorial Day, in addition to putting flowers on the graves of those you love, consider giving a gift of remembrance to those they left behind. Moravian Florist makes this easy.


Our Independence Day Basket is a glorious red, white and blue patriotic gift of remembrance. With two American flags, delphinium, carnations and daisies, this arrangement will be a welcome gift to pay tribute to fallen patriots. If you know someone who is grieving a fallen hero this Memorial Day, honor them with the gift of the Independence Day Basket.

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Independence Day Basket