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Posted by moravianflorist on February 9, 2015 | Last Updated: January 9, 2020 Valentine's Day

How to Say it with Roses

shutterstock_14492851Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means this is the perfect time for couples everywhere to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Few gift ideas speak to love and devotion as clearly as the rose. This beautiful bloom has been used for generations to show affection. Although many people might appreciate the beauty that these flowers impart, many do not realize the meaning behind many of these different colored blooms.

At Moravian Florist, we seek to provide our customers with a wealth of different colors and types of rose arrangements so that everyone can use the meaning of these different flowers to say exactly what they want. Here are a few colors that everyone should familiarize themselves with.

Red roses

These just might be the most common and traditional flowers can it comes to showing deep, passionate love. Red roses have long been associated with romance, making them a great choice both for those who have been together for a few months and those that have been together for many years. A lovely bouquet of red roses is a classic gift that should make anyone beam with delight.

White roses

For many people, white roses often represent young love. They speak to purity and innocence as well as truth and loyalty. These stunning blooms would also make a fantastic and romantic gift for those who want to give something a little different from the standard red rose.

Pink and Yellowzoom_Image2612040142228

These two rose colors also carry rich symbolism that is highly appropriate for this day of love. Yellow speaks of warmth and affection while pink shows appreciation and happiness. These are wonderful blooms for demonstrating how much that special someone is valued.

Combining several of these rose colors into a single bouquet can help the giver include multiple meanings in the arrangement. For example, a rose bouquet that includes red, pink, yellow, and orange roses will add a delightful splash of color as well as carry a message of love, happiness, and appreciation. There is no better message for Valentine’s Day.

The holiday of romance and love quickly approaches, so now is the time to begin hunting for the perfect way to say how much that special someone matters. Consider some of the meanings behind the most popular rose colors and find an arrangement that will bring the right message to the relationship.