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Choosing the Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers for Your Mom’s Personality

Mother’s day is just about upon us, and it’s the perfect occasion for paying homage to the most remarkable women in our lives with a personalized arrangement of flowers. Each and every mom is special and unique, just like a fresh-blooming daisy, and they deserve to have these laudable qualities celebrated. That’s why the experts here at Moravian Florist — the best Staten Island has to offer — have artfully and carefully developed a list of flowers that we feel best represent each of the many types of extraordinary moms that grace our lives.

The Workout Mom

The workout mom is energetic, committed, and strong. She never misses a jog, and her will power and focus is an inspiration to those around her. For this mom, lilies are the perfect representation of her confidence, pride, and courage. Orange lilies especially signify these traits, while yellow lilies are indicative of happiness, health, and friendship. Together these flowers are a fun and bright way to celebrate the healthy and hardworking mom, who is constantly setting an excellent example for her family.

The PTA Mom

Everyone knows the PTA mom that is exceedingly generous with her time and constantly giving back to her community. Whether it’s at school, camp, or with an organization, these moms are determined to make the world better for her kids. To that end, like the tulip, they are icons of charity that shine with elegance, beauty, and unconditional love. Tulips also grow in various colors, making it easy to select blooms in her favorite hue that represent her distinct personality and style. Plus, with their innate grace and simplicity, they look great in any arrangement and are ideal for showing your PTA mom how much she is appreciated.

The New Mom

The new mom is very often overwhelmed, and understandably so. After all, she’s caring for her precious infant and experiencing the life-changing love and devotion that accompanies the birth of a child. For the new mother, carnations are a super thoughtful choice, symbolizing a mother’s unconditional love for her offspring. Accent these blooms with baby’s breath, with its soft and sweet touch, and you’ll have a touching reminder of the one-of-a-kind bond that only a mother and her child share. Also, the innocent allure of carnations and baby’s breath combined will light up the new mom’s life on Mother’s Day — allowing her to understand that the long, sleepless, and challenging nights and days are all very, very worth it.

The Coffee Mom

We all know that mom who always has a cup of coffee in her hand. You may not want to catch her before her morning caffeine fix, but she is the beating heart of the family nonetheless. For this mom, spray roses are perfect, as their classic blooms, pastel tones, and whimsical shape will remind her of her favorite local coffee shop. An arrangement that makes spray roses the star of the show is also a thoughtful way to thank your mom for her dedication to being present, alert, and prepared for whatever the “mom life” puts in her path.

The Plant Mom

Some people just have an innate and special connection with the natural world. These plant moms have a sincere adoration of all things that grow — and of course, a green thumb that’s second to none. Truly, she is the master of her garden or houseplants and would truly appreciate an arrangement with azaleas; their dainty shapes and vibrant hues will make a beautiful addition to her extensive collection of garden blooms. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift for those who commune with nature every day.

Whatever type of mom you’ve been blessed with, you know she is charming, caring, and deserving of an enchanting flower that make her feel joyful and loved. Take a moment to create the perfect Mother’s Day celebration with brilliant and breathtaking blooms from Moravian Florist in Staten Island.