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Beautiful Blooms that Are Also Pet Friendly

There is nothing more wonderful than having beautiful, fresh flowers in the home. They bring style, fragrance, and elegance to any indoor space, not to mention flowers provide a multitude of health benefits too. For those who love surrounding themselves with flowers and have pets, it’s a good idea to keep pet-friendly florals in the home. Here at The Moravian Florist, Staten Island’s top flower shop, our flower experts list below some beautiful and pet-safe flowers perfect for decorating your home.

Safe Flowers for Pets


A universally recognized symbol of love, and the most popular flower in the world, the rose comes in a rainbow of colors. Its lovely fragrance and classic beauty are hard to beat. Plus, roses are pet-friendly so bring as many as you like into your home.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are colorful and cheery flowers that can bring a smile to everyone’s face. These wonderful, bright blooms are also non-toxic to pets.


A sign that summer has arrived, the sunflower is a vibrant bloom that radiates happiness. Place several fresh-cut sunflowers in a pitcher to add instant charm to your kitchen or dining room. Wherever you place them, sunflowers add warmth and brightness. The fabulous sunflower is also safe for cats and dogs.


Blooming on the top portion of a tall stalk, Snapdragons are lovely flowers that come in pink, purple, blue, peach, yellow, and white. This is a terrific floral for adding fullness and height to arrangments. Snapdragons are pet-friendly and are stunning when placed in a vase on their own.


Orchids come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, which make them a popular plant to have in the home. They are relatively easy to care for, bring a sense of mystique and elegance. It’s hard to have just one, so we are grateful that Orchids are non-toxic to pets.


Sweet, delicate, colorful, and charming, pansies also happen to be edible. This makes them a popular decor on cakes or in drinks as well as making them pet-friendly.


The voluminous and colorful Zinnia brings a wow factor and plenty of color to any bouquet. These blooms also look great in a vase with other various-colored Zinnias, which will brighten any room of your house. Zinnias are pet-friendly so place them wherever you like.

Signs of Poisoning in Pets

If you believe your pet may have accidentally eaten something poisonous, keep watch for the symptoms of toxic poisoning in pets which include loss of appetite, drooling, lethargy, vomiting, and bleeding gums. If one or more of the above-listed symptoms last for more than 24 hours, your pet should be taken to the vet. For a full list of toxic plants and flowers visit the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website.

Protect your Pets from Toxic Flowers

Having flowers in a vase on a counter, table, or shelf is usually enough to keep your pets from getting into them. However, if you have a determined cat or dog who likes to take a nibble, then you’ll want to find another place to display your florals. Not just to protect your pet but to protect the beautiful flowers, too.

With pet-friendly flowers and a little common sense, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: flowers & pets.