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Posted by moravianflorist on July 20, 2019 | Last Updated: July 30, 2019 FLowers Gifts Plants

5 Back-To-School Gifts for Successful Students

Heading back to college is a big deal for students, especially if this is their first time. They may not even realize what all they’ll need once they get there. Make sure you show them that you’re supporting them every step of the way. Send a helpful gift their first week on campus or throughout the semester that will help students be a success at school. The designers at Moravian Florist have created a list of a few items for back to school that will help college students be successful.


Bright Yellow Desk Garden

Beautiful Gifts That Show You Care

A special delivery More than anything, students need to know that you love and support them. When you send a fresh cut floral arrangement, a fun indoor plant or a tasty treat basket they will know you were thinking of them and miss them. Show your support to students with one of these great gifts.


Brighten their study space with a Desktop Garden! This sleek box-shaped container houses beautiful green plants that thrive all year- just like your student. Easy to maintain and long-lasting, this is the perfect gift for a busy student who’s always on the go.



Green desk garden accented with blooms and butterflies



Give them a Butterfly Garden to inspire creativity and help them breathe easy. Indoor plants like those in this design purify the air and bring beauty to any space. Cut flowers add color and a sweet butterfly is a lovely accent.



Junk Food Fantasy Snack Basket


For late night studying, or just for a down-time snack, send this Junk Food Fantasy and delight your student to no end. Favorite candy bars, chips, sodas, and cookies abound, including enough to share with friends and roommates!

Other Gifts

TV Streaming Device Don’t let them miss their favorite shows just because they’re in class, especially if it’s one that you like to watch together. Send a TV streaming device so that they can watch what they want when they want without it getting away of more important matters.

Desk Organizer Staying organized is an important part of college life. Send a desk organizer for inside drawers or on top of the student’s desk to help them find what they need quickly when they’re on the go.

Laundry accessories Laundry is a necessary evil with college students, but making it easy with cool accessories will help them get the job done. Send a sturdy laundry basket or bag, hangers, reusable dryer balls, and any other laundry accessories that will lighten their load.

Storage Whether it’s under the bed, in the closet or stacked in a corner, students need storage solutions. Send organizers in various shapes and sizes to students to help them get organized and find space for themselves.

Make sure students know how much you love them, miss them and support them. Show your encouragement and motivate them the first week of class with one of these great back to school gifts. Students will remember your thoughtfulness and be grateful that you’ve got their back. For more successful back-to-college gift ideas, talk to the designers at Moravian Florist. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect design for your student so they’re set up for success.