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Posted by moravianflorist on December 26, 2018 FLowers Holidays Roses

Motivated in the New Year

The New Year often finds us looking to make small changes in our lives that will refresh and revive us in our work, health and relationships. The floral experts at Moravian Florist have discovered that flowers can often motivate us in all of these areas. Here’s how:

  • Flowers boost creativity. Studies show that surrounding yourself with your favorite color will have a positive effect on your level of creativity. Place blooms in your favorite hues near your desk or work space to bring a flower of creative energy to what you do.
  • Flowers lower stress. The natural foliage that accompanies most floral arrangements is full of calming, stress-reducing energy. Add a bouquet of flowers to your most stressful environment to reduce stress levels for a calmer workday.
  • Flowers inspire compassion. Caring for another living thing is all about compassion, empathy and concern for others- all of which are also essential to any relationship! Help yourself become others-focused when you care for plants and flowers.

A beautiful start to your New Year is our White Nights. This stunning assortment of white lilies, daises, roses and hydrangea is complemented with tons of lush greenery for a gorgeous display at home or in your office.

Winter bouquet of all-white flowers and greenery in a clear glass vase.

Become motivated in the New Year to make small changes that will bring you health and happiness all year long. Talk to the floral designers at Moravian Florist to find the perfect bouquet for your New Year.