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Posted by moravianflorist on April 15, 2015 | Last Updated: August 17, 2020 Bridal Shower

Floral Design For Your Bridal Shower

shutterstock_150361421Planning a bridal shower is nearly as exciting as wedding itself. Brides get to celebrate the upcoming nuptials with their friends and family over delicious food in an entertaining atmosphere. At Moravian Florist, we have been helping brides prepare for their own incredible wedding day for decades, and that includes planning bridal showers. We know the important place this party plays in the hearts of many brides and their bridal parties, and we want to help make it as beautiful and fun as possible.

One of the best accessories to any bridal party celebration is gorgeous flowers. No matter what time of year the party is held, flowers add a unique beauty and freshness to the festivities. They decorate the space in a way that helps put a smile on the face of anyone who comes to the party. Here are some of our favorite ideas for incorporating flowers into the bridal party.

Table adornments

Adding some flowers to the tables will make the space feel lively and fresh. The flowers will beautifully contribute to colorful decorations and help make the room come to life. There are countless different designs that can be used, from floral centerpieces to several tall and elegant arrangements strategically placed along the centerline of the table. Just make sure the placement does not hinder conversation by blocking guests’ views of each other.

Party favors

Brides might even consider having table arrangements double as party favors by using potted plants instead of cut flowers. The festive pots can be wrapped in lovely paper in ribbons to fully contribute to the look. After the party, your guests can take the plants home with them.


Floral crowns can be wonderful additions to the party. They can be made for all the guests or just for the bridal party. They will create an elegant yet fun look that will help put a smile on everyone’s face. They can also be used to take entertaining pictures and help everyone relax and have fun at the party.


At Moravian Florist, we enjoy helping brides plan every minute of the wedding, including the parties that lead up to the big day, such as the bridal shower. We love using flowers for this celebration, from formal roses to fun daisies. We have found the above party ideas to be entertaining and a wonderful complement to any bridal shower. Those interested in using flowers for their party should consider some of these ideas to start with their planning.